About transmusings

I first launched this blog in 2012, with the following statement of intent:

Nothing that I experienced before I began transition could have prepared me for the sheer amount of misunderstanding, disagreement, confusion, backbiting and general factionalisation arising from these things, that exists within the trans* community itself. To some extent, these themes understandably carry over from the dominant cis-normative culture; yet become magnified by the goldfish bowl we trans* folk inhabit for at least part of our lives.

The object of this blog is to examine these issues; to discover their root causes, whether these are simply linguistic misunderstandings, or conceptual confusions, or just plain muddled thinking, or something much deeper within the human psyche; and hopefully, to suggest how we might best approach finding answers and solutions and healing the wounds.

I pretty much stand by that today, though am inclined to take a generally softer, more understanding approach; one driven more by love and by the intention to foster greater understanding, acceptance and inclusion. And I’ve taken the decision to drop the asterisk from trans in my writings, because in my interpretation of what the word trans stands for, the asterisk is redundant.

The original version of this blog only got as far as one article: Can ‘trans’ ever be ‘cis’? Again, I stand by the general position outlined there, but were I to write it today, I might take a gentler tone and aim for greater clarity (and I wouldn’t be using those silly lower-case ‘i’s – that was just a phase I was going through).

But anyway, back on track. There are a lot of trans blogs out there, some of them excellent. My aim is to turn this into something that sits with the very best of them and has a distinctive voice. I also have a blog on Personal Development: The Inspiration Angel

Thia Jones


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